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Friday, October 31, 2014

2nd Quarter Principal Message

It is hard to believe that the first quarter has come to an end. So much has happened since you picked up your child’s schedule on August 13th: 5th Grade Orientation Night, the start of the school year, Friday night football games, Fall Activity Night, Open Houses, MAP testing, new teams/teachers, Father’s Walk, PTA meetings, Magazine Sale, new friendships, classroom guidance, Discovery Days Science Club, Builder Club Beach Clean-up and Town Center volunteer trips, cornhole competitions, Runner’s Club, start of 5th Grade Band/Orchestra, Picture Day, Parent-Teacher Conferences, a new class schedule, Academic Extension activities, Star Lab visit, ALHS Marching Band assembly, All-Pro Dad Breakfast, deep and enriching curriculum, Four Square games at recess, four fire drills, and a whole lot of fun in the process. With all that is going on, it is no surprise that a little anxiety and growing pains happened along the way. The first few weeks of school are always filled with transition, establishment of new routines, dusting off the summer cobwebs, paring away of bad habits, and new growth in a new grade level. The majority of our kids (and parents) have begun to settle into the day to day operations of school and home. For some, it took only a few days or hours to get up and running. For others, it took weeks. For a few, the transition has been longer. We must not forget that our goal at Troy is a long term goal and that the hard work of tilling the soil, planting the seeds and tending to the new growth does not always reap immediate or apparent rewards. We, the staff of Troy, set high expectations and lofty goals not with the purpose of rushing children through 5th grade to get to 6th and 6th to get to Learwood, but so that they are prepared when they do. We all want Troy to be a place associated with positive memories and a time in our young peoples’ lives that they look back on fondly. We also want them to have that feeling when they look back at Learwood and the High School.  Without the preparation they receive here at Troy, Learwood will be filled with more challenges and in turn ALHS and beyond.

As we start the second quarter, I invite you to look upon this time differently. I see a 5th grader as someone who is 1/8th through their journey here. We have 7 more quarters to turn our once elementary minded student into a self-advocating and efficient secondary student. This does not have to happen overnight, but we must prepare and not procrastinate. I see a 6th grader as someone who is 5/8th through their metamorphosis. Three quarters remain before we have to let them go, trust that they are ready, and give them over to the next caring school. While we still have time to shape the outcome, we also realize that some need to be hurried along and more closely guided. We know that we must begin to see the results we planned for 5 quarters ago, or we risk sending them off less prepared.

Troy is filled with passionate people. The parents are passionate about their kids, the students are passionate about their studies, friendships, and opportunities, the teachers are passionate about the process of developing the best child/student/person they can, and the principal is passionate about making sure our kids have the future they want to have. We are all working in unison. We are all parts of the same machine. We are all involved in moving forward. Together, WE ARE TROY!

As I reflect back on the last 2 months, I am excited to see how far we have come. I am even more excited about what lies ahead. Let’s continue to watch our children grow, give them the things they need to be successful and not forget what the long term goal is. If we all keep that in mind, I am confident we will all be successful.

Andy Peltz

Principal, of THE Troy Intermediate School

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Great All-Pro Dad Turnout Today!

Over 60 Dads, Grandpas and Friends joined us today! Next event is November 20th. Hope to see you then.


Lifetouch has apologized for the mistake and is correcting the errors

Good Morning,
We received several phone calls, emails and social media inquires on how/why Troy Intermediate is misspelled on the class pictures. Lifetouch Photography has apologized for their error and is reprinting the photos. We saw the mistake on the photos, but felt that the students and parents would still like to receive the class photo and not have to wait until the reprinted versions came out. Typos and editing errors happen and we have had a very good relationship with Lifetouch in the past. We are hopeful that this type of error will not again in the future.

Thank you,
Andy Peltz

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

All-Pro Dad Breakfast Thursday Morning 7:00-7:40 Troy Cafeteria

Join us for a light breakfast, great conversations, and time with your kid this Thursday, 10/30, in the Troy cafeteria from 7:00-7:40.

Once a month, Troy will be hosting an All-Pro Dad Breakfast. We recognize the importance of helping to facilitate the positive bond and relationship between a dad and their child. The All-Pro Dad program's goal is to structure a time where a child and a positive adult male role model (dad, uncle, older brother/cousin, grandpa, neighbor or teacher) can talk and learn more about each other. As our kids get older and both the parent and child's schedules become more hectic, it is important to plan and set aside a time to just talk and be together. Moms, we know you are important too! We are looking at a special date for you in the future.

We meet in the cafeteria, have a light breakfast, share a story or two and hopefully meet a few other dads/kid combos who value this time as well. The doors open at 7:00 and we wrap up by 7:45. We recognize that most people will not be able to attend all sessions and that is more then okay. Our scheduled dates are:
October 30th
November 20th
December 18th
January 29th
February 26th
March 26th
April 30th
May 28th

Click here to sign up to bring a breakfast item for the October 30th date:

Friday, October 24, 2014

October BELIEVE Winners

We here at Troy and ALCS believe it is our responsibility to not only foster positive student skills and academic knowledge in our children, but to help them develop positive social and citizenship skills as well. We are hoping that the increased robustness of our new acronym will widen our scope and focus to include more of these traits. This school year, each month’s  Breakfast Award banquet will have a specific focus: September (Be persevering), October (Effort), November (Learning to take responsibility), December & January (Integrity), February (Enthusiasm), March (Values others), & April (Expectations are high)  

It is our hope that if we are proactive in our efforts to instill these characteristics now at Troy, then our students will carry them on through their remaining years at Learwood, ALHS and beyond.

Student Name
Nominating Teacher
Reason for Nominating
Halle Bodde
Halle has shown clear evidence of effort over the past few weeks; she has scored a perfect on her past three quizzes in math unit 3. Her most recent success in adding and subtracting integers is significantly above her peer’s average. Halle recognizes that effort equals ability and shows this understanding with her daily actions.
Megan Drabik
Megan has shown outstanding effort during the first grading quarter.  Megan participates in class on a daily basis, adding thoughtful comments and questions to our discussions.  Megan always has her work in on time and studies diligently for assessments. Often, Megan goes above and beyond what's expected in class and on assignments. She continues to be a positive role-model to her peers. 
Mackenzie Grove
Mackenzie is like my third arm. She is extremely helpful not only to me, but to everyone. I can always count on her. Mackenzie is hardworking and willing to go above and beyond to prepare for assessments. She asks questions when concepts are unclear. She also exhibits excellent work habits with good organization. Mackenzie is an asset to my classroom. Thank you Mackenzie for being a good student and person.
James Spear
James has many positive qualities that shine in the classroom. Each and every day he shows up with a smile and kind words of encouragement for others.   He works hard to do well in academics and is always willing to help others.  The kids look up to how he treats others.  I'm proud to be working with James and appreciate his character at school.  He's a great kid!   
Student Name
Nominating Teacher
Reason for Nominating
Emma Loechler
Emma shows a great deal of dedication to her learning.  She is responsible and asks questions when help is needed.  Emma is a great role model for her peers.
Caroline Hebert
I'm proud of how much attention Caroline pays to details.  She is one of the most organized students in the class, and she  is a positive role model to the others around her.  She always treats others with respect and is willing to help others out when she sees they are in need. I'm so happy she's part of our team this year!  
Grace Knox
Grace is a very conscientious worker who always tries her best. When there was a mistake on her project that I handed back, she corrected it immediately and turned it back in.  She is kind to everyone and always offers to help me in the classroom when she is done with her work.  I appreciate all her work!
Aiden Cooper
I am so glad that I get to have Aiden as a student in my Technology class again this year. I cannot think of a nicer student than Aiden.  He always has a smile on his face, pays attention in class, keeps positive and works the entire class period.  Aiden has put in a lot of EFFORT in learning how to type.  He is determined to learn how to touch type before the end of this year.  He worked hard last year and is doing the same this year.  I am grateful to have students like Aiden who work so hard and want to do well.  Aiden is a pleasure to have in class.
Ronnie Warren
H. Dalgleish
Ronnie shows true dedication to her learning. She is an extremely responsible student, and always very conscientious about her work.  Ronnie always has a positive attitude and is a wonderful role model to her peers! 
Student Name
Nominating Teacher
Reason for Nominating
Jeffrey Chie
Jeffrey has made a difficult cultural transition from Seoul South Korea to the United States. He has demonstrated perseverance both in and out of the classroom. Jeffrey continues to work hard at communicating with and building peer friendships. Jeffrey put much time and effort into creating and presenting a power point about his homeland to our class (at my request-he wasn't very thrilled at the prospect!).  He did an outstanding job conveying interesting details and fielding student questions in English. Jeffrey was successful because of his determination and his work ethic!
Andrew Sullivan
Andrew is a very positive, hard-working young man. He puts effort into everything he does and cares very much about doing his best. He asks questions when necessary and is very dedicated to his learning. Andrew works well in a group and is a very loyal friend to his classmates. He is always cheerful and kind and a pleasure to have in my class!
Madison Shaw
The effort that Madison demonstrates daily is amazing! She has handled the transition from 5th to 6th grade with ease. On both projects and assessments, Madison has gone the extra mile to achieve at high levels. In class she is always on task and puts forth the effort to keep students around her involved as well. Keep up the outstanding work, we appreciate you!
Emma Knick
Emma is an extremely hard worker. She puts 100% effort in to everything she does both academically and athletically. She is a natural born athlete and even though it's a gift, she doesn't take it for granted and is a great peer model.
Student Name
Nominating Teacher
Reason for Nominating
Julianne D'Acunzo
Julianna is a remarkable student in every sense of the word. She has made a smooth transition into Troy. Julianna is a true BELIEVE student. She is always willing to persevere through any difficult task and I can always count on her to apply her greatest effort in all academic areas. I greatly appreciate the kind, respectful manner in which she demonstrates to all.

Sean Summers
Sean is a young man who dedicates himself to improving in school on a daily basis.  Once Mathematic assessments are graded, Sean routinely seeks clarification on the questions that he answered incorrectly.  He realizes that we improve not by celebrating our successes, rather by learning from our missteps.  Even though he is currently earning one of the highest Mathematic grades on Team 6B, his desire to learn from his mistakes separates him from his grade level peers.  During classroom instruction, Sean consistently takes quality notes, responds to questions posed in class, and seeks additional enrichment when appropriate.  I am confident that Sean will continue to be successful here at Troy and beyond with this type of dedication to his craft.

Jacob Bir
E. Citro
Jacob is a wonderful student.  He has made a smooth transition into Troy.  Jacob is a hard worker and is always willing to help his fellow classmates.  Jacob has really worked on his study skills and is truly a BELIEVE student.  We are very proud to have him in class.

Student Name
Nominating Teacher
Reason for Nominating
Emily Yarham
Emily is a very determined and dedicated young lady.  Emily started band by playing the flute in 5th grade, however she decided that in 6th grade she really wanted to play the saxophone.  I won't get into the larger details of the story, but she impressed me so much with the effort she put into getting the new instrument.  She has been a pleasure to have in class and is a great role model. I would be happy if other students put half as much effort into their goals at school as she does. 
Margaret Jantz
Effort might as well be Maggie’s middle name!  Maggie gives 100% effort on every test, quiz,
and lab during the school day.  She also gives full effort to her homework each night. She is a hard working girl who takes genuine pride in her work.  She will be very successful in school and in her career one day because of this determination.  I look forward to seeing what her future holds!
Jake DePaul
Jake is an outstanding student and a young man of character. Jake is a role model for other students. He is someone who sets high standards for himself and someone who will accept a challenge with a smile. He is so kind and helpful to adults and his peers. He demonstrates leadership and enthusiasm for learning.
Lily Purks
Lily is a bright young lady and wonderful student. She is a pleasure to have in class and wants to do well academically!  She is consistent with putting forth her best effort on not only her assignments, but also with participation in class activities.  She possesses characteristics of a leader and positive role model for her classmates!
Student Name
Nominating Teacher
Reason for Nominating
Chad Hargro
Chad is a natural leader in the classroom and is doing an excellent job across all subject areas.  He gets involved in classroom discussions and has the ability to take it to the next level.  Chad also lets his fun personality shine and spread throughout the class.  Keep up the great work and continue being a leader and a role model for other students. We are excited to see your growth throughout the rest of the school year.
Kenny Davis
J. Dalgleish
It is such a pleasure to have Kenny in class! He is an outstanding student who puts forth extra effort in all he does. He is such a hard worker, and he is kind and respectful of everyone. Kenny sets high standards for himself, and works very hard to achieve his goals. He is a terrific role model for his peers!
Tyler Wilkins
Tyler is a pleasure to have in class.  He always puts forth his best effort in every task he does, he always has such a positive attitude, and he contributes to every single class.
Natalie Baker
Natalie is an extremely hard working student.  She is willing to put in extra time and effort to achieve success.  She never gives up on herself and always displays a positive attitude in class.  Natalie is kind and respectful to others and has made many friends this year.
Alaina Okuma
Alaina comes to school every day with a smile on her face.  Her happiness is contagious!  She is an extremely hard worker and is diligent about completing her assignments.  She contributes in class and works well with all her peers.  Alaina demonstrates an enthusiasm for learning and is a leader within the classroom.  I am so happy to have her in class.
Student Name
Nominating Teacher
Reason for Nominating
Jack Schindler
Jack is such a pleasure to have in the classroom!  He consistently puts forth excellent effort into his academics to ensure he is successful.  He contributes to our classroom activities and is very respectful towards his peers.  He has the qualities of a leader and he is very dedicated to his learning.  He has a bright future ahead of him!
Alyssa Stafford
Alyssa is a pleasure to have in class.  She is a conscientious student who always puts forth her best effort.  She always completes her homework and assignments.  Keep up the good work Alyssa!
Evan Mathews
Evan is always smiling.  He is extremely polite.  Evan participates in class and is a very hard worker.  His positive attitude adds so much to our class on a daily basis!  Great job, Evan!
Meredith Grassi
Meredith is an excellent role model for both academics and kindness.  She is an extremely hard worker and is not satisfied with anything less than her best.  Meredith also treats her classmates with respect and is quick to include others in activities.  Meredith helps to makes our class better in every way!
Jack Keaton
Jack has shown tremendous effort in the past few weeks of school.  He is working hard to raise his hand during class when he wants to participate and share.  Jack is also showing a lot of effort in keeping his supplies organized.  Keep up the great effort Jack!
Matthew Banks
Matthew always puts his best foot forward.  We can always count on something dazzling coming from Matthew-- always a 212 effort!

Student Name
Nominating Teacher
Reason for Nominating
Samantha Gregovits
Sam is constantly excelling in class; whether it is in her academics or her attention to the classes needs.  We can always count on Sam to produce great things that she takes pride in.  Keep up the great work Sam-- think 212!
August Resar
August stands out as a leader in our classroom. She was nominated as one of our student council representatives, and she takes pride in that role. August is responsible with her work, and her work ethic is impressive. Whenever she is confused about a concept, she never hesitates to ask for help or clarification. Also, August is always to help her teachers and others in the classroom. For these reasons and more, I am happy to nominate August for this recognition.
Alex Hlaves
Alex is an example of a student who comes to school and tries her best each and every day. She is a joy to have in class due to her helpful and considerate nature. She works hard on her own responsibilities, and is also willing to help others. Alex perseveres through challenges, and when she succeeds, she lights up! Alex, keep putting forth the amount of effort all of your teachers have been noticing, it has been paying off greatly!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Girls Give Back

Who We Are
Erin Stack and Kristen Weeden became fast friends when their daughters were in class together at Jack & Jill Nursery School back in 2003. Both have four daughters, creative minds, a love for everything vintage, and a call to help others. In 2006, they put their heads together and created a festival that would raise funds to benefit a local organization. The Summer Market was unique to the area and became a popular destination for visitors from all over Ohio. As the Summer Market grew, so too did the organizations and projects they were able to benefit.
Girls Give Back
With the success of the Summer Market, Erin Stack and Kristen did some soul searching and homed in their ideas and wishes. Girls Give Back was created in 2012 with a preliminary thought to simply help those in need through random acts of kindness. This idea, although a good one, was just too big. They wanted to help EVERYONE! The girls came back together and discussed their strengths and how they could best use them. Their idea: to give the Gift of Home to those in need.
The “Gift of Home”
Home is a place of love and comfort that should welcome you with open arms. Girls Give Back hopes to create this home for local families in need. After a weekend away, families will return home to a fresh, clean home with new household items and an overall sense of comfort and coziness.
The “Gift of Home” Comes Home to Troy
This family was nominated last year by 2 separate people. They are a much loved family in Avon Lake, all their children have gone through Troy and at this time last year, it was just too fresh for the family to accept the Gift of Home. After assessing the situation through a friend and their brief discussion with the family, their main focus was simply on how to make mom better!
This year, as Girls Give Back prepared to look for their family, Kristen and Erin decided to revisit this family to see if perhaps now would be an appropriate time to help them. They accepted.
What Can We Do?
The project will take place NOVEMBER 14-16.  We know many of you love this project and want to be involved in some way. Girls Give Back will send the family away that weekend and will transform many parts of their home.  Troy School has decided to sponsor the kitchen renovation that will consist of all new appliances, sink, countertop, tile, new floor, paint, kitchen items, stocked fridge, etc.
We are looking for donations of Lowe’s Gift Cards, Giant Eagle Gift Cards, and monetary donations (checks written to Girls Give Back. Donations can be dropped off in the Troy Office. Please have all donations turned in by Friday, October 31st.
Here is a link to Girls Give Back (It is the Summer Market website)

Here is a link to their SignUp Genius page:

Monday, October 20, 2014

Halloween at Troy

Friday, October 31st: $2.00 donation to a local charity encouraged to participate. We are encouraging the students to dig through their piggy banks and personal money to give for this event

Students at Troy will be allowed to wear a costume to school on Friday, October 31st. In order to make this day fun and safe for everyone, please take the time to review the following guidelines with your child.
1) You must wear the costume to and from school. Class time is too valuable to be given away for wardrobe changes and fixing malfunctions.
2) Masks/hoods that cover the face are not permitted. Hats, wigs, and simple make-up are fine.
3) Please leave all costume extras/props at home. It should go without saying, but this includes any toy weapon/contraband inspired item.
4) Be aware of your student’s class schedule. If you student has P.E. on Friday, make sure the costume does not inhibit them from participating. Also ask your student, “If it is nice outside, do they want to play more than they want to be in costume?”
5) Think safety first and fashion second. The students will have to be in these costumes all day. Overheating, tripping hazards and bathroom accessibility should be considered.
6) Student council will host a costume contest, but there will be NO PARADE interrupting the day.

As a person who will always be a kid at heart, Halloween fun is something I look forward to. Let’s make sure these rules are followed so that we can continue to look forward to it every year.

Reflections Creative Session

Reflections Creative Session
It's time for the 2014-2015 Reflections Art Fair Creative Session. On Wednesday October 29th and Wednesday November 5th PTA volunteers will hold creative sessions for Troy students in the art room. We have room for 25 students in each creative session. Please use the link below to sign up. Please pick up your child promptly at 3:45 pm. Pizza and drinks will be served as a snack. Questions, please call Ashley Whitehead at 662-549-7785 or Kristin Van Euwen at 440-781-1179 

Ashley Whithead

Thursday, October 16, 2014

First All-Pro Dad Breakfast of the School Year

Once a month, Troy will be hosting an All-Pro Dad Breakfast. We recognize the importance of helping to facilitate the positive bond and relationship between a dad and their child. The All-Pro Dad program's goal is to structure a time where a child and a positive adult male role model (dad, uncle, older brother/cousin, grandpa, neighbor or teacher) can talk and learn more about each other. As our kids get older and both the parent and child's schedules become more hectic, it is important to plan and set aside a time to just talk and be together. Moms, we know you are important too! We are looking at a special date for you in the future.

We meet in the cafeteria, have a light breakfast, share a story or two and hopefully meet a few other dads/kid combos who value this time as well. The doors open at 7:00 and we wrap up by 7:45. We recognize that most people will not be able to attend all sessions and that is more then okay. Our scheduled dates are:
October 30th
November 20th
December 18th
January 29th
February 26th
March 26th
April 30th
May 28th

Click here to sign up to bring a breakfast item for the October 30th date:

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Thank You for Supporting our Magazine Drive!!!

Since we met our quota, I agreed to have 4 random students dump ice water on me at our Pig Race assembly... Enjoy!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Optional Locks for Troy Lockers Now Available for Purchase

Parents and Students of Troy,
I am very proud to be the principal of Troy Intermediate. One of my favorite stories to tell about our school is about the first tour I took of the building. I was in awe that there are no locks on the lockers of Troy. When I asked my tour guide why there was no locks, she simply replied, "Our kids are so good and trustworthy, we generally do not need them". Admittedly I was skeptical, but no longer. No truer words had been spoken and no better example of our kids' excellent behavior can be shared.

Theft is NOT an issue here at Troy. Our children respect the property of others and it is a rare occurrence otherwise. Jackets, shoes, class supplies, and other personal items can and have been left comfortably and securely in a student’s locker and we have had NO reported instances of student property being removed from a locker. As we move towards integrating more personal technology into the classroom, I felt that Troy needed to offer another layer of OPTIONAL security to protect these expensive devices.  

Students have been told to turn over any device they wanted to be protected to their teacher. Students will still be allowed to do so and we still encourage this as the number one option for the majority of our students. Unfortunately, our teachers are not always available after school hours (art club, Running Club, choir, intramurals, etc.) to hold devices and always free at the same time your students may need to see them. 

A few parents have asked me lately to allow locks to be brought in. After much research, I have decided to make locks available to be purchased through our office. It has been our policy in the past to deny the use of a personal lock on the lockers. The rationale for this policy was two-fold. 1) We (the staff of Troy) need to have access to all lockers as a measure to ensure the safety of all. 2) Students have little time between classes and the lock can slow the student down. In order to address these safety and timeliness concerns, we chose to make available a Master Lock that can be opened by a universal key. The keys will be issued to our teachers, custodians, secretaries, and me. The combination for each is unique and is a series of 3 letters (easier for our kids to remember). These will be the only locks allowed on the lockers of Troy. All non-approved locks will be removed; cut off if needed. We ask that if you chose to purchase one of these locks that you practice with your child how to open it. We do not want the lock to become a distraction and an inhibitor to getting your child to class on time. If the student is struggling on opening the lock in a timely fashion, then we will send the lock home again so that they may continue to practice their efficiency in opening it. Teachers will not spend time opening your child's lock on a daily basis. 

Locks will cost $10.00. This lock will be yours to keep. Siblings may "pass on" this lock to younger/future Troy students. It is a standard sized Master Lock with a unique gold-colored face. Remember, this is OPTIONAL and not a needed purchase. 

If you have any questions about the lock, please call or email me. 

Thank you,
Andy Peltz, Principal Troy Intermediate

New Halloween Program for Avon Lake Children

My name is David Kos and I am the Ward 4 City Councilman in Avon Lake.  This email has a dual purpose. First to inform you of this wonderful new Halloween program that the City has developed and secondly to ask your assistance in making this a huge success.

The Trail of Haunted Tales is a new creation and has been specifically designed for students in elementary and intermediate schools.  Unlike other community's Halloween programs that are either very pre-schoolish or over the top scary, this program will fill that middle ground. In other words this program is for our kids.   The program will feature dark trails where lantern guided groups of ten will encounter monsters, witches, ghouls and ghosts throughout the woods.  Unlike commercial haunted houses where these creatures will jump out and startle people, these monsters will tell creepy and haunting stories.   This is an excellent way to introduce our children to a scary but not over the top scary Halloween experience. This will truly a unique and fun experience for our students and children (if you are familiar with the Carlisle Township program, think of this as its "sister" program.)

As groups wait to go through the trails, they will be entertained with DJ music, food vendors and several other games/activities.  The Trail of Haunted Tales will be on October 18th (Saturday) from 6-9pm.  We recommend showing up early to ensure passage through the trails. The best part of this program is that it is FREE!!!

This program is a collaborative effort of Parks and Recreation Department, Friends of the Park, Kopf Reservation, Avon Lake Public Library, Kiwanis and the Avon Lake High School Key Club. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.  I believe that you will agree with me that cross participation of our community organizations is a great way to maximize our programming.  A well attended and well received program will ensure that this type of event will continue in the City.  To learn more about the program please click on this link:

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.

Happy Halloween!
David Kos
Avon Lake City Council