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Friday, January 18, 2019

Incorrect Attendance Totals on Report Cards

Thank you to several parents who have contacted us today regarding incorrect attendance totals on the report cards. We are currently trying to resolve the situation. If you are concerned about your child's attendance total and need the most updated and accurate total, please feel free to contact the office by phone or email. We will not be reprinting report cards unless we receive a specific request from the legal guardian of the child.

Andy Peltz

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Screenagers Program 01/22/19

This coming Tuesday, January 22nd  at 7pm is the Screenagers program at the PAC. This program has been graciously paid for by the district to help promote responsible use of screens by families and to educate about the unhealthy uses and overuse of them.  Viewing age is 10 years and up, but we encourage parents of children of all ages to attend to assist them in assuring healthy family screen guidelines from the start.

5th Grade InView Test Week of Jan. 28th

Dear Parents of Fifth Grade Students:
During the week of January 28th most fifth grade students in the Avon Lake City School district will be taking the the InView cognitive assessments. We anticipate having results to share with you in May. The InView is administered to our students in the second grade and again in 5th grade. We use these data points to help make recommendations for class placement, gifted identification, and insight into specific strengths for each student.

The InView instrument is designed to measure a student’s cognitive and thinking abilities. The results from this test provide schools with the following information:

·         Looking at areas of strength and weakness for each student
·         Comparing how each student is performing against students of their same age
·         Providing information relative to areas of strength for enrichment purposes and areas of need for intervention purposes

  Please contact your child’s teacher or myself should you have any questions.  

Drug-Free Kids Vaping Resources for Parents

As a parent and educator, I am concerned about the vaping trend. Unlike other drugs and illegal substances, vaping appears to many kids as a "safe" alternative. It is important for all of us to educate our kids on the negative effects and the dangers associated with it. Here is resource for parents to help start a positive conversation with your child.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Important Info for the Week of January 14th

Jan. 15th Tuesday: PTA Meeting 9:00 am
Jan. 17th Thursday: Troy Dad Breakfast 6:45-7:15 am. Donuts, juice boxes, rice krispie treats, coffee, and water will be provided. Donations are appreciated.

Jan. 17th Thursday: 5th Grade Band and Orchestra Concert 7:00 pm at the ALHS PAC

Report Cards and MAPs scores will be going home on Thursday. This is the last time that paper copies of report cards will be issued at Troy. You will be able to access report cards and teacher comments through PowerSchool. Parents may email a request for paper copies to be sent home.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

PTA Meeting Tuesday 1/15/19

Reminder that there is a PTA meeting next Tuesday, January 15th at 9 a.m.  We would love to see you all there! Attached is a draft of the November minutes, in case you missed the meeting and want to know what’s been happening.

Being a PTA member provides many opportunities to support our students.  If you have not joined PTA already, please follow this link to the online membership form:  Troy Online Membership Form.

"Unofficial" November Meeting Minutes

­Troy PTA Meeting Minutes
November 20, 2018
Call to Order 9:05am/Pledge of Allegiance

Principal’s Report
Activity night was a success!! 370+ students attended activity night
Team banners are in
Ms. Jones taking over Student Council.  All students are welcome to be involved.  Officials are elected.
Music concerts coming up in December
Report cards at Troy are going PAPERLESS (can be printed if requested)
Candid photos Tuesday, November 27th

President’s Report – Elizabeth Gedeon
Approve October minutes – approved 1st Audra Avarello, 2nd Jen Tillery
Girl Scout Recess Improvement Drive
Discussion regarding Troy hosting a student Holiday Shop event

Treasurer’s Report – Audra Avarello
Reviewed October activity. October 2018 began with $14,265.40.
Membership collection less our $1,140.00 paid to OHIO PTA.
Fundraising $2,073.00 (brings total to $9,947.00)
Total income for the month $1,217.00.
Total expenses of $1515.00.
Ending cash balance of $13,967.30.
Approved 1st Julie Brugger – 2nd Margo Bondar

VP Membership Report – Julie Brugger
Membership total 242 (34 staff)

VP Fundraising Report – Margo Bondar
Total income from sale-less fundraiser $10, 042.00

Committee Reports
Noontime Enrichment – met last week. Will start 1/22 and take place on Tues/Thurs thru end of February.
Some new ideas, some classic!  Signupgenius coming soon!
Reflections – box in office for entries.  Deadline extended to 12/7. Theme “Heroes around me”
Staff Cookie Walk
Senior Prom

Delegates/New Business
BOE – Kathy Lamb
Introduced new school social worker, Kristen Acton.  Social worker shared a survey with staff regarding what staff feels are the biggest concerns facing students.  Anxiety and hyperactivity were the 2 largest concerns.  Kristen is working on programs/plans to help reduce student’s anxiety and hyperactivity.

PTA COUNCIL – Jen Haven/Jen Tillery
-The Scholarship chair from each building must provide PTA Council with an updated title and exact name of the scholarship from their unit ASAP
-All PTA units that do fundraising must check yes on the 2nd box of the 990 tax form because your unit is receiving money from the public and it is a new law
-The Council Spirit Wear Fundraiser was a huge success! Made $2,000 profit and they will be selling at the craft fair. 
-Reflections Chair for each building must be actively sharing and promoting reflections to all students and to all PTA members.  It is their goal to increase the number of entries and be sure all parents are informed.  It is the main event all units do together and more attention is needed by all PTA units to make Reflections Special. New Reflections helpers are needed and the chairs in each unit should be reaching out to find volunteers and teach others about the position. 
-Early Childhood PTA is having a spotlight vendor each month for PTA members who sell things.  The vendor would have a few minutes at the start of the meeting to share their product in hopes that others that attend the meeting would place orders.  There are openings for Jan, Feb & March. Contact Early Childhood PTA for more info.
-Endowment is looking for businesses to support the foundation. They had a run this year and last year. This year they made twice as much and are planning to do the run next year with a new date of the run to increase the number of runners.  It will be Sept or Nov or spring. The 10 campaign did not make as much money this year as last year.  It isn't too late to donate. They are cancel ling the sale by the lake for this year. They are also revamping their grant application. 
-Library is having a teen job fair on March 28th from 3-6:00.  Anyone who participated last year will be contacted. (Both businesses and teens) Contact the library to sign up either as a business or a teen looking for a job.  Teens wanting a job should not be younger than 15.5. They will also have a volunteer component for ages 12 and up to interview with businesses to be a volunteer. 
-Library has free guitar lessons for kids on Saturdays and also Coding Club. Contact the library for more info.
-Library wants to help each school building with summer reading. Will work with schools to assist and possibly merge programs together.
-Will revisit enrollment in the fall to discuss the need for more space in school buildings. 
-Key club is planning to have a dance a thon fundraiser for childhood cancer.  There will be a DJ and a facilitator who teaches group dance with steps and students will learn coordinated group dances.  More information to come.  
New Business – Nominating committee requests coming in January

Adjourn - @10:07am

Monday, January 7, 2019

The Halfway Point

Winter break is over. The second quarter ends Friday. The newness of Troy (teachers, schedule, classes, friends, routine, etc.) has worn off. Comfort has set in. This comfort is based off of familiarity and familiarity leads to either complacency or consistency. Complacency is the dangerous side of the coin. Complacency leads to automatization of thought, lack of reflection, minimized growth, and an increase of careless mistakes. Consistency on the other hand is a necessary component to great leaps in learning and growth. Consistency improves efficiency, retention of skills, and confidence in one's ability to perform. In other words, what was once difficult is now the norm and little effort and energy is needed to utilize the skills that you previously struggled to apply. Learning is rarely linear and consistent. Instead, learning follows periods of rapid growth followed by plateaus and new periods of rapid growth. This phenomena is called punctuated equilibrium. We find this pattern several places in nature, but we rarely seem to apply the concept to the classroom. We expect kids to be consistently growing instead of realizing that the mind must be ready to move forward before it can jump to the next level. The ironic thing is that teachers and parents live for the "Aha! Moments" when it just "clicks" or when the "light bulb turns on". This is an example of punctuated equilibrium. The student was in a place where what is understood was limited by the mind's ability to think past the known or comfortable and into a place where things could be redefined and expanded upon. Just because the student was not progressing to new skills does not mean that they were not learning. Instead, they were practicing what was taught and preparing to build new connections that will turn the once shaky into something stable. This is why the halfway point is so critical. The habits, skills, and understanding of today become the foundation of what the rest of the school year will be built upon. Will the next leap be made from a sturdy ledge or a crumbling one? Consistency over complacency will improve the odds of a positive result.

I have shared before that I look at Troy as four semesters. Each semester has a specific goal. First semester of the fifth grade year is all about learning what it means to be a successful Troy Intermediate student. The second semester of fifth grade is about giving the kids the chance to apply and practice their new found skills. The first semester of the sixth grade year is about pushing them towards independence and self-reliance and the last semester is to help them practice and refine those skills so that they are ready to hit the ground running at Learwood. The transition from elementary to middle school cannot happen overnight. Instead, it must be carefully planned out and experiences put in place so that they are ready to make the developmental leaps needed to be successful and happy at Learwood. Do not lose sight of the endgame. Do not allow complacency to ruin consistency. Just because things have become "routine" does not mean that we are not building. Also, if a child is not where we hoped they would be there is still time to jump. As I said earlier, learning is not linear and for some kids the jump happens mid semester and that is okay too! The teachers and staff of Troy will meet them where they are at and help move them along.

The halfway point is a great time to reflect on how far we have come, but even more important to  look at where they are going to be. Time flies and each year it seems to move quicker. I am so proud of these 5th and 6th graders. They are a great group of kids. I am confident they are ready for the next semester and beyond.